Mastering Learning Styles for Enhanced Teaching

Mastering Learning Styles for Enhanced Teaching

Mastering Learning Styles for Enhanced Teaching


Today’s learning environment has imposed bigger and different challenges on teachers and educators, as well as, on parents and students. Educators need to be aware, more than ever, of the learning styles concepts and best practices in order to build a learning environment that’s far more engaging, productive and full of excitement. This training course ” Mastering Learning Styles for Enhanced Teaching ” aims to shed light on the most critical and important types of learning styles, how and when to use them more effectively.

The training course will also provide participants with best hand-on and tested practices in class. Ultimately, this course will help participants, their respective schools and clients (students and parents) to become all winners.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Introducing participants to the concepts and types of learning styles
  • Introducing participants to the learning styles assessments tools and tests
  • Learning how to match teaching styles with learning styles
  • Understanding how learning styles and multiple intelligences can work together
  • Learning how to maximize class management performance and learning outcomes

Approved Certificate frominternational accreditation organization 

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This training course will be held in ( Istanbul / Sharm El Sheikh / Malaysia / Dubai / Cairo / Alexandria / London / Austria / Amsterdam )

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