Modern Pharmacy Management Workshop

Modern Pharmacy Management Workshop

Modern Pharmacy Management Workshop

Date and Venue : From 25 – 29 December 2023 in Istanbul – Turkey

Timings : During 10:00 am – 13:00 pm



Pharmacy management requires that you wear multiple hats. If you own or manage a pharmacy, this conference guides and helps you learn the skills you need to effectively run your business. You will learn how to apply business and management theory to your day-to-day pharmacy operations.

The Modern Pharmacy Management Workshop deals with the basic concepts and links, between the different topics of, management and pharmacy. Managerial issues that pharmacists face including strategies, finance, accounting and systems. The workshop familiarizes the participants with people working within pharmaceutical organizations and how to effectively manage them, how pharmaceutical organizations meet the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment and how companies compete successfully in the global market.

If you are interested in starting or managing your own pharmacy, you will learn the key skills and knowledge required to operate your business. The goal is to prepare and provide you with a toolkit you can use when developing your business plan.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • You have a thorough skills and can analyse issues related to pharmacy operation, and have a thorough knowledge of pharmacy management.
  • You can communicate complex pharmaceutical- and pharmacy issues with patients, personnel, internal and external partners, and can make decisions through interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • You have thorough knowledge about organisational, including skills in organising the pharmacy, including personnel management, rotation, logistics, internal control and quality management system.
  • You have knowledge of financial management, including budgeting and result monitoring.
  • You have knowledge of how to manage the pharmacy soundly, and are able to analyse regulatory issues related to pharmacy management and apply written documentation in the form of laws and regulations.
  • You are able to work in a structured, efficient and independent manner, and are solution-oriented, focusing on quality and delivering results within given time-frames.
  • Accounting principles in pharmacy practice
  • Financial reports in pharmacy practice
  • Basics of marketing and thePharmaceutical marketing

Training Methodology

  • This is an interactive workshop. There will be open question and answer sessions, regular group exercises and activities, videos, case studies, and presentations on best practice. Participants will have the opportunity to share with the facilitator and other participants on what works well and not so well for them, as well as work on issues from their own organizations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Practising pharmacists, international pharmacy graduates, pharmacy students, pharmacy owners and managers who are interested in or intending to open, operate or manage a community pharmacy or are already doing so.

Workshop Outline

Running a tight ship: Pharmacy operations

  • Evaluate different operational approaches to the provision of products and services in a community pharmacy setting
  • Describe and interpret regulatory and typical contractual obligations that apply to community pharmacy practice
  • Analyze inventory management practices and their impact on both the provision of care to patients and the financial implications on a community practice
  • Identify the different types of risk that pharmacies and pharmacists are exposed to within a community pharmacy practice
  • Analyze different risk management strategies that can be used within a community pharmacy practice
  • Describe the various types of insurance that a community pharmacy practice may utilize as part of its overall risk management strategy
  • Identify common causes of medication incidents within community pharmacy practice
  • Outline how a continuous quality improvement program can be utilized to improve patient safety and facilitate high quality pharmacy care

Financial management

  • Financial Statements and Analysis
  • Analysis of Financial Statements

Your pharmacy team: Human resource management

  • Introduction to Human Resources
  • Creating and Managing a Desirable Workplace
  • Staff Job Descriptions, Scheduling and Managing Change
  • Screening, Hiring, Orientation and Training
  • Performance Management, Progressive Discipline and Conflict Management
  • Legal Considerations in Employment and Labour Law

Using marketing and communications to optimize your practice

  • Communication Basics and an Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing When Your Product is a Service
  • Marketing Segmentation and Consumer Behaviour

Delivering patient-focused services: Meeting the needs of your patients

  • Developing Patient Care Services
  • Planning Patient Care Services
  • Implementing and Evaluating Patient Care Services


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