Incident & Crisis response Communication Skills

Incident & Crisis response Communication Skills

Incident & Crisis response Communication Skills



This Discovery Tools Training Course ” Incident & Crisis Response Communication Skills ” will provide the key steps every organization must take to avoid being irreparably damaged by a crisis. Packed with practical advice, useful materials and case studies, participants will learn how communication and operational response together are integral to an effective incident response and protecting reputation.

Every organization recognizes the risks they face and that disaster could potentially strike at any time. So This training course takes a step by step approach to all the learning necessary to pre-empt crises and respond to major incidents should one occur.

The media can be very unforgiving organisations who they perceive to have made mistakes and effective communication when under the media spotlight will be vital to coming through unscathed. This Corporate Communication training course on Incident & Crisis Response Communication Skills provides the skills and confidence to understand the communication environment and what you must do in order to succeed when disaster strikes.

This training course on will highlight:

  • An awareness of the media and communication environment at the time of a crisis
  • The available media platforms and practical guidance on how to use them
  • How communication is integral to effective operational response
  • How to create an incident communications plan alongside a range of useful planning tools
  • Practical skills for media communication and supporting case studies

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop practical skills enabling effective communication at the time of an incident
  • Familiarize participants with both techniques & technologies involved in crisis communication
  • Provide a health-check for your personal & organizational readiness
  • Provide the confidence to know that your response strategies are appropriate and effective
  • Build relevant knowledge through exploring relevant case studies and practical exercises
  • Develop flexible creative and well-motivated teams

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This training course will be held in ( Istanbul / Sharm El Sheikh / Malaysia / Dubai / Cairo / Alexandria / London / Austria / Amsterdam )

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